"Technology is best when it brings people together." - Matt Mullenweg

Elevating Endeavors with Self-Hosted Solutions, Linux Administration, and Cybersecurity Measures 

Here's a glimpse of the milestones I've accomplished along this intricate journey.

1st Rank

Winner of Pentathon24, Pen-Testing Competition


Intern at DIAT-DRDO and projects with DRDO-CAIR


Taught basic and advanced CTF to more than 500 students


VMs installed using a locally hosted sever in under 5 mins

Projects ...


A SIEM development for VIT, Electronics Department

Server Management

Server Management for VIT Electronics Department

Self -hosted Hypervisor

Proxmox hypervisor for managing and hosting VMs

Media Server

Media server based on Jellyfin 

NAS based FTP

A NAS system on ubuntu server

Dynamic Malware Analysis 

Dynamic Malware Analysis using CAPEv2 and Cuckoo sandbox

I'm ready to work 

I'm deeply committed to constructing solutions that break new ground in innovation. I specialize in constructing personalized, self-hosted software systems, crafting captivating websites, and delving into the captivating realm of smart home automation. Each project is a fresh canvas for me to blend technical expertise with creative finesse. Given your requirement for building software, my proficiency could be a perfect match. If you're looking for someone to create a website and handle related tasks, I'd be thrilled to offer my skills. Let's discuss how my abilities can contribute to your project and bring your vision to life. Your consideration is greatly appreciated, and I'm eager to contribute to your endeavors.