Everyone has two sides – the one they show to everyone or try to show to everyone and another is the face that is inside which is the real face.

Everyone compares themselves to some human being and think that they are very good as a human as compared to others on the basis of the comparison list created by themselves.

We see good people and even admire them but we don’t compare ourself with them instead whenever we commit any kind of mistake and try to hide or skip it we compare ourselves with the ones who have done the same mistake at a great level . This thinking definitely make us better from the person who has committed the mistake at a great extend but actually we are not good in the real world because this comparison is done by us. We are not eligible to decide that we are good on the basis of comparison that too from our own list.

We should compare ourself from the people who are really good and far better than us … this is the real comparison of quality and honestly.

If we consider Osama bin laden then most probably everything we do is good as a human being , we are not killing millions of people just one or two … does this makes us a good human .. Definitely ! yes as compared to Osama bin laden but in the real world we are very bad if we compare ourself to some great personality like Mahatma Gandhi who was totally a non violent person. This makes a great difference between good or bad.

So we should not compare ourselves from a human being who have bad deeds at whatever level he has done instead we should always try to do good things to become a great human.

A good and helpful human is always appreciated and liked and is trusted by everyone.

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